Requirements To Apply For National Youth Service Corps (Nysc) In Nigeria In 2024

Requirements To Apply For National Youth Service Corps (Nysc) In Nigeria In 2024


Table of Content


#1. What is NYSC?

#2. Eligibility for NYSC

#3. How to Register for NYSC

#4. How NYSC Posting Works

#5. The NYSC Camp

#6. Place of Primary Assignment

#7. Passing Out 



The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria seeks to unite youth in support of the nation and one another. Yakubu Gowon founded it in 1973, and since then, it has grown to be extremely significant among Nigerian graduates. Each graduate embarks on a grand adventure upon graduating from school.

The purpose of NYSC is to ensure that recent graduates are engaged in significant events taking place in Nigeria. It resembles a mission to advance and improve the nation. Several leaders have led NYSC over the years, all attempting to improve it.

We’ll go over all you need to know about NYSC in this blog post, including who can enlist, how to do so, potential deployment locations, and duties while there. We’ll examine the NYSC experience in more detail, highlighting how it unites young Nigerians, imparts valuable skills, and supports communities throughout the nation. Let’s explore the fascinating world of the National Youth Service Corps now.


What is NYSC?

For Nigerian graduates, NYSC, an acronym for National Youth Service Corps, is an obligatory year of national service (with a few exceptions). Launched on May 22, 1973, during Yakubu Gowon’s military rule, the program’s objectives are to include young people in nation-building, promote unity, and assist in the country’s rehabilitation after the 1967 civil war.

After being led by Ahmadu Ali at first, Director-General Yusha’u Gogara Ahmed is currently in charge of NYSC, which has its main office in Abuja.


Eligibility for NYSC

All Nigerian graduates are qualified, except those in specific categories who are granted an exemption certificate.

Those who were over 30 at graduation, graduates who worked part-time, people with disabilities, and those who had served in the military for more than a year are all excluded from this rule.


How to Register for NYSC

Once you have graduated and finished your clearance, you will be added to the Senate List, which is a list of graduates that your school has certified for the NYSC program for a specific batch or stream. You can continue with the registration procedure.

The registration process is an online process. To register, follow the process below;


Step 1; Obtain every necessary document before registering.

For graduates of Nigerian universities, this entails having a valid JAMB matriculation number, a working email account, and a Nigerian phone number. If you are a graduate of a foreign university, you must submit certified copies of your academic transcripts, which should be translated if the original language is not English. Furthermore, ensure that your international passport, secondary school graduation certificate, scanned passport photo, and medical certificate are prepared for submission.


Step 2; Visit the NYSC registration portal at to get started.

Clicking the “Mobilization” button will initiate the account creation procedure. This will put you on the right track for registering and preparing for your NYSC adventure.


Step 3; Add beforecanyour email and secure your account.

To increase security, add a secret question after entering and verifying your email address. You’ll then get an email confirming your request. Choose ‘Resume’ to continue with the registration procedure after clicking the link in the email. By doing this, you can be sure that the setting of your account is safe and authentic.


Step 4; Input your details.

You will then proceed to the next phases, each of which requires different details from you. These consist of your full name, date of birth, graduation date, program of study, matric number, country of origin, school, phone number, and JAMB registration number. To continue with your NYSC registration, make sure to accurately fill out each field with the necessary data.


Step 5; Proceed to the four-part phase.

After completing all required fields, you will proceed to the following phase, which is a four-part procedure. To continue, just click the “Continue” button.


Step 6; Submit your Biodata

You will be asked to submit your biodata, or personal information, in the first step. Adding your passport photo to your profile entails providing additional information such as your residence, marital status, gender, full name, title, place of birth, and other pertinent details. You will also need to enter your emergency contact information, next of kin details, and health information. To move on to the next stage of the registration procedure, click “Save and Continue” after completing all the needed forms.


Step 7; Give details about Colleges and Universities you attended.

Next, You’ll have to give details about the colleges you attended. This contains information about the institutions, the dates of attendance, and any relevant academic degrees earned, among other things. Once this data has been correctly entered, click “Save and Continue” to proceed with the registration process.


Step 8; Provide Supplementary particulars.

You will be required to furnish supplementary particulars at this phase, like your military or paramilitary background and any accolades or prizes you may have won nationally. It will also be necessary for you to list the languages you know and the locations you have been to in Nigeria. You’ll also indicate the sizes of the canvas, pants, and shirt in your package. Remember to attach your signature as well. Click “Save and Continue” to move on to the next step of the registration process when all the fields have been completed and your signature has been uploaded.


Step 9; Choose your Center.

It’s time to choose your center and upload all required files now. Make sure you have all the necessary documents available for upload and select your favorite center from the list of alternatives. After uploading all required files, select “Preview” to see your registration information.


Step 10; Complete Registration.

Once your documents have been uploaded, you will be taken to a preview screen where all of the information you provided during registration will be visible. To make sure all the information is accurate, take a moment to thoroughly go over each piece. Check the “I Agree” box to express your agreement after you’ve made sure everything is right. Ultimately, press the “Submit” button to finish the registration procedure.


A small fee is charged for the call-up number when you register. This fee, however, is waived for subsequent registrations if it was not initially deployed. If you want to change the deployment state, you must submit a formal request, along with the necessary documentation.


How NYSC 11 months posting Works

Graduates in the NYSC program are assigned to states other than their home state or school location. This deliberate decision aims to encourage interaction between people of different ethnicities while also fostering unity, tolerance, and appreciation for diversity. NYSC promotes the exchange of cultures, traditions, and perspectives by immersing graduates in environments that are different from their usual surroundings. This experience is critical in shaping a generation of Nigerians who understand and value the country’s ethnic diversity, thereby contributing to national cohesion and unity.


The NYSC Camp

During the first three weeks of their service, corps members participate in an orientation program held in camps located throughout Nigeria’s 36 states. This orientation period is critical for familiarizing participants with the NYSC ethos and responsibilities.

The orientation begins with a solemn swearing-in ceremony, which is frequently presided over by the executive governor of the state or the FCT minister if in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The oath of allegiance is then administered, followed by the recitation of the National Pledge, which is typically overseen by the state’s or FCT’s Chief Judge.

Throughout the orientation period, corps members participate in a variety of activities designed to promote personal development, cultural appreciation, and teamwork. Mornings start early with physical training and drills designed to instill discipline and fitness. In addition, there are lectures on the customs, traditions, and people of the state where they are stationed. Professional lectures tailored to specific professions such as healthcare, law, and education are also available to improve skills and knowledge.

Throughout the camp, various social activities are organized to encourage social interaction and camaraderie. These include inter-platoon competitions in football, table tennis, and volleyball, as well as activities such as cooking contests and sanitation drills.


Place of Primary Assignment

Following the orientation period, corps members are deployed to their primary place of assignment (PPA), where they will serve the remainder of their service year with the NYSC. Corps members’ specific placement is determined by their areas of specialization and the community’s needs.

While the NYSC aims to match corps members with roles that match their skills and qualifications, there is a special emphasis on sectors critical to rural development. These include agriculture, healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Corps members are frequently deployed to rural areas, where their contributions can have a significant impact on the local communities.

Corps members are expected to work full-time for 11 months under their PPA. However, one working day per week is usually set aside for Community Development Service (CDS) activities. These activities are focused on community improvement projects and initiatives that address local needs and challenges.

After 11 months of service at their PPAs, corps members are given a one-month vacation. This break allows corps members to rest and recharge before taking part in the final passing-out ceremony. During this ceremony, corps members receive certificates of completion, which mark the end of their NYSC service year and recognize their contributions to national development.


Passing Out

At the end of their primary assignment, corps members gather in their designated zones for a thorough review of their service year. This is the end of their tenure, and they will submit final clearance letters from their employers to their Zonal or Local Government Inspectors.

This critical period is marked by a variety of activities, including parade rehearsals before the formal passing-out ceremony. Notably, outstanding corps members who have demonstrated exemplary dedication and impact throughout the service year may be eligible for State Honors Awards in recognition of their exceptional contributions to community development and national service.



The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria, is critical to fostering unity, national development, and personal growth among Nigerian graduates. From registration to deployment and the passing out ceremony, NYSC provides a transformative experience. The program focuses on rural development sectors and addresses societal needs while instilling values of service and community engagement. The passing-out ceremony concludes the service year and recognizes outstanding contributions. NYSC embodies unity, diversity, and national service, preparing graduates to be responsible citizens capable of making meaningful contributions to society.



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